Would texting/calling her now ruin any chance of getting back together?

Had been dating this girl for just over a month, and while visiting her a week ago she was acting cold toward me and when I called her out on it she admitted she doesn't know what she wants right now and that she was getting too attached. Long story short neither of us really said what the plan was going forward but definitely was more of her breaking things off with me. She texted me later that night saying how sorry she was and that letting me go will probably be the biggest mistake of her life---I didn't respond. We haven't spoken since, and since we live 2 hours away from each other there is no chance we will just run into each other randomly.

I do really miss her and it's taking a lot of self control not to text her. Is my best or only chance of getting her back to be unavailable and wait for her to contact me? Or should I reach out to her? My concern with me contacting her is that I don't want to seem like I'm begging but I also don't want her thinking that I moved on by not contacting her either... just conflicted with this.


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  • I would just stick to no contact with her. She made her choice now let her lie in it. Chances are she could possible come back around. But by all means, stick to no contact. Your doing good so far.


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  • When they don't know what they want, let them go. Maybe she will come around, maybe not but don't waste time thinking about her. Life is short, if you don't know how to appreciate someone, you won't put in effort. Just let it be no contact for a while.


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