I miss my ex like crazy.. nc for 3 weeks &tried to make him jealous.. did I do the right thing and what should I do?

I just started to have feelings for this guy when he broke up with me .. we both had a crush on each other... i was enjoying playing hard to get and he was chasing me non stop but after a while he became colder so i acted needy for one day.. the next day we argued and broke up.. we never reached the love point but he likes me a lot and i still carry feelings for him.
So , i really want him back. And i have been reading a lot about how to make an ex come back.
after a no contact for 3 weeks i couldn't take it.. so i broke the contact but smartly as i asked him for information about Spain since he had been there last month.. ofc i wasn't intending to go but i made it up so i can show him i will have fun and i told him that we are a group of guys & girls so that i can make him a little jealous.
And in between asking for info.. i faked a mistake of sending him a guy photo to even make him more jealous..
I waited for 2 days with again no contact then i read something about accepting the break up and that an ex wouldn't miss you unless he believes he lost you..
So that's when i contacted him for the last time telling him that i accept the break up and that i will block him.. i wanted to drag a reaction out of him.. but he only responded with " ok.. hope the best for you "

Now its been a week.. and waiting for him to miss and want me back

Did i make the right moves?
Is there anything i should have done but didn't?
Any expectations of how it would go from here?

I need every possible advice i really miss and want this guy ..


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  • The no contact for a while was a good idea. It would have got him thinking..
    When you spoke to him after the 3 weeks, the trying to make him jealous was not the best thing to do..
    It would have annoyed and pissed him off yet been seen as an immature act.
    Telling him you are going to block him to provoke a reaction.. It sounded like you are saying out of spite
    - "fuck you, i still like you but it seems you have put no effort into trying to get me back I'm going to move on by being angry with you instead of upset.
    By him saying : " ok.. hope the best for you "

    1) adding "hope the best for you" on the end, he is just being genuine and trying to let you down easier..
    2) He still likes you and misses you but does not have the balls to truly tell you how he feels as he felt with what you have said that its over for good.. (making him think its not worth it saying how he feels)

    If he felt as if he made a mistake he probably would have responded to you first within those 3 weeks...



    - I miss you and want to try work things out between us

    Dont say you still really like him as he would obviously know, he will appreciate hearing it directly.. To men, sometimes saying less means more.

    ITS UP TO YOU TO TRY AND FIX IT.. remember it does not matter what other people think about what you do or who you are only week minded people hold back from what they want in life. You would rather risk and see if it can work out then regret and do nothing about it..

    No it does not seem desperate or needy to say something like this..
    He will have more respect towards you to be so upfront about it and at least you can get the exact answer you wanted..

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    • He texted saying he wants me back

      I told him my terms

      I thought he turned me down turned out he didn't

      thanks for everyone

    • Good to hear i was of some help.. remember try keep the effort flowing 50/50 so he doesn't take you or your time for granted

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  • You should see this as a lesson and move on. It just seems logical, girl. If you're playing hard to get and want the man chasing you and begging for a date, forget it, it won't happen. He will find someone else. This is something most girls in Greece do. They only want men who will chase them just so they can reject them or put them in the friend zone. Once the guy is finally awake and gets another girl they start crying themselves because ''they had feelings for him''.

  • U need to move on foever its done it will never work


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  • I don't understand the concept of playing games in a manipulative way to get a man back.
    If I were you I would have told him what you were feeling and even if he didn't react the way you wanted him too he would in his mind be thinking about "what if"... "what if" you two gave it another shot.

    I say at this point however... Try and move on. No sense dwelling on what could of been or could be if there is not progress made so far or viewed in the horizon.

    • Because he loved it at first when i played hard to get.. but once i revealed neediness he pulled back.. that's why am afraid to tell him how i really feel as he might take it as a sign of neediness too and pull away again.. we didn't get the chance to enter a real relationship , and i just want the chance to be together again to work on a real relationship , but truth to be told i don't even know why he broke up so i can't fix something with not knowing what to fix exactly..

    • You said he started acting colder towards you and then you switched it up and acted needy. A chase can be fun and all but honestly if it gets to the point where you are playing a game - you become no longer interested. It wasn't your neediness that turned him off most likely - it was probably the game you were playing. Especially if he already had you as his girl yet you still wanted to play cat and mouse and have him chase you.

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