Mixed Signals from an Ex?

My ex and I work together, not in the same department but same floor. We were together for about a year. I've been doing the no contact for 4 months, and over the past month - 2 months, I've noticed that he's always staring and checking me out, even 2 of my friends have noticed it too.
There was a potluck on his side of the floor and as I was walking around getting food, my friend said that he was totally checking me out.
Last week I was sitting at a co-worker's desk cause I was training them and as my ex walked by, I had looked up and it looked like he was looking for me, since I wasn't at my desk.
So after 4 months of no contact, I texted him the other night and I asked if he wanted to do dinner sometime. He said that he can't but thanks for the invite.

So I don't get why he's always checking me out and staring at me, only to reject me. Can anyone explain this to me?


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  • You share a past with him, and, for this, he likely misses your company. So, naturally, he stares and takes in the scenery when your in his view. Thus, he was not sending mixed signals or giving hints that he wants to reunite.

  • Who cares why? He's your ex. Deal with him as little as possible.


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