How much time before braking the ice?

Dated a man for 6 mths. Both of us are coming off a divorce but hit it off. I was divorced 1yr. He only 1 mth. Made a connection to the point we did everything together. From yard work to cooking to working out... took a weeks vacation. .. eventually introduced him to my daughter and we began including her in our activities. Text msgs and hrs upon hrs of conversation showed we felt the same about each other. Even joked how in tune and how much alike we were. During these 6 mnths he stated more than once that he didn't know what I saw in him and I was spoiling him. That everyone he had ever loved had left him. 3 wks ago he blindsided me and said he didn't want to be in a relationship and just wanted to be alone. Said I had done nothing wrong. That I was the sweetest woman he had ever met and he was going to miss me. Kissed me and left. I have heard from his bf that he is upset at work and that he misses me and he is hurting. That he hasn't healed from the break up of his marriage and now ending things with me because he does love me but thinks I am father along with my feelings than him. That he is scared of being in a relationship. I wrote him a letter 2 wks ago asking him to reconsider this decision and we could slow things down. Still no contact. Our pastor had spoke with him and me and said to give him some time but that it is obvious he is upset from breaking things off but he is still in the healing process. I miss him terribly. I want to respect his space but dint want him to forget me. Do I do nothing and wait for him to make a move or try to connect with him again.


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