Why did my ex call me3x after her rebound ended?

So me and my ex of 3 years lived together for 2 broke up 7 months ago... She got in a rebound about a month and a half ago... She texted me 3 times a few weeks ago trying to be friends but u ignored them because I couldn't be her friend while she had a bf then... She called me 2 weeks ago 3x I still ignored her she texted me after and siAd "maybe something happed" i texted her the nexted day with a "?" No responce then I called her 5 days after but no responce... I found out that they broke up... I want her back what should I do ladies? She is very stuborn... I don't know if he dumped her or if she dumped him? So confused? I do love her and she has siAd while she was with him that she still loves me! I don't want to be needy by call and texting? What to do?


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  • Dunno. Of if u love her then stay with her. Things happen for a reason so maybe ithis was support to happen so u 2 knew that u guys will always love each other no matter what obstacle there is.

  • Reading the title alone, I'd say she has issues being alone. A deal breaker by itself


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