When does No Contact become he's just moved on? Whose place is it to break the No Contact rule?

I'm in highschool and broke up with my ex- boyfriend 2 months ago after dating for a year. I broke up with him after a series of misunderstandings. I did it on the phone instead of in person because I was pissed. My ex has refused to talk to me or acknowledge me since we broke up. I tried to have a couple of talks after the breakup to get closure but we ended up arguing. After that, I just decided to do No Contact too and have been ignoring him for the past several weeks too. Is the fact he's still ignoring me mean he's still hurt and may still have feelings for me? He told people after the break up how hurt he was. Whose place is it to break the No Contact rule? Is it worth it to try and approach him again?
Update-I texted my ex a week ago, he read my texts but did not answer. There is nothing more I can do now but continue to go on with my life. I take responsibility for my actions, accept his feelings but will never understand. The fact he was not willing to forgive and fight for a near perfect relationship makes me feel he didn't care like I thought. If the situation was reversed I would not hate him and would forgive. This is a lesson learned and I won't make the same mistake again.


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  • You don't break the no contact rule. That's why it's called NO contact. All you're going to do is just keep hurting yourself and causing unnecessary pain and confusion.

    Rule #1: Never deal with ex's.


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  • What misunderstandings? He cheated, he was a player, he treated you badly etc? You don't break the no contact rule you keep your ex in the past and you do not contact them whatsoever. My ex broke up with me 7 months and and it has been 7 months since he and I have talked. It was pretty much because he was afraid to commitment, and didn't know what a relationship was and I couldn't teach it to him, I am no boy's therapist. My ex did to me in person but I'm all healed. If he misses you he'll contact you don't go chasing him and making yourself look desperate trust me. He'll move on it might takes it might take months but he will move on. My ex and I fell out of love with each other and I lost feelings for him over time. Him ignoring you could mean he is hurt or he wants you to chase him. And if he wants to talk to you he will, don't make yourself look bad, let him come to you don't chase him.

    • No he wasn't a cheater and was the best boyfriend I've ever had. The last weeks we were together I kept hearing from people that he was talking crap about me.
      At first didn't believe it because it was not his style but It kind of freaked me out. I didn't talk to him about it and just kept telling myself it was no big deal not true and Id let it go. I thought it would hurt him if I questioned him. But my not saying anything effected me and I got a little more guarded when I was with him. And everything in my mind started to become a big deal and I got insecure. He pulled back a little too because I pulled back. He's upset about how I broke up with him. We spent the day together and decided to baked a cake. I sent him home with a few pieces of cake. I called him up on the phone an hour later and broke up with him. I was confused- dumb ass move for me. He feels that if I cared about him I would not have broken up with him this way. I've apologized 100X. If reversed I'd forgive him.

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    • I really don't know why I did it on the phone. I guess partially be I was pissed because I thought he didn't care about me as much. But looking back that was really my insecurities. I was also really scared and nervous. I loved this guy so freakin much and I think I was worried that if I had to tell him to his face I couldn't do it. It was a very big mistake on my part to handle it like this. I think the fact that sending him home with food like everything was okay then breaking up kinda blindsided him too.
      I was wrong and I've apologized. I was a faithful, loving girlfriend for over a year. I'm hurt by the fact he won't forgive me. It's like I'm not allowed to make a mistake. I'm beginning to feel like if he had really cared about me that much he would forgive me. Maybe he really was talking crap about me.

    • Maybe so but the best thing you can do is put it behind you and move on with your life and try talking to other guys around your age and get to know them. Distract yourself if you need too and hang out with other people, you might be broken for a while but you'll heal I promise.

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  • Just go ur separate ways forever stop hurting him and urself

  • You dumped him. It was his job to go NC. You reached out to him, and he pushed you away. Wait for him to reinitiate contact. It may never happen. In the meantime, start talking to other guys.

  • "Whose place is it to break the No Contact rule?"

    Whomever desires the other more

    • Sorry if that sounded weird. I mean how do I know if it's even worth trying? My ex started No Contact rule first so does that mean I should wait longer and see if he contacts me? He was the one that didn't want to talk to me after the beak-up

    • Do whatever the fuck you think you should do, woman

  • ex's are ex's just move on

    • I get what your saying but I don't think it's always so black and white. People have feelings even after a break up- sometimes for a long time.

    • I am not saying people don't have feelings after a break up but the simple fact is you gave it your best shot and it did not work y'all broke up and it is done... think of it like a old military tactic where the troops cross the old wood bridges then burn the bridge behind them so there is no going back

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