I know I should leave him alone, but?

we did't fight, in the morning, he just called me baby, texted me the sweet words , but in the noon, he texted me that he couldn't stand it any more, he wanted to break up with me, i asked why but he just said left him alone. similar situation happened weeks ago, i went to his home that day, i just stood there watching him doing his own stuff, he ignored me, asked me to leave, but later we cuddled and fell asleep, he told me that he really loved me. i thought it would work this time, i went to his home yesterday, he said he didn't want to be with me anymore, he didn't want to be with anyone anymore, and just wanted to be alone. he also asked me to stop when i touched him. from his phone call , i can tell that something bad happend, like he may get fired, and had an fight with some guys. i never ask him about anything because i dont want to be annoying, but im really worried and dont know what to do, i followed him like a dog, i know i should leave him alone, but i just dont want to break up with him, and i feel so upset, i love him so much, and i know he loves me too, he is being through a rough time. he stopped texting me, and i m not sure weather he will come back to me , or when should i contact him again.


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  • Yeah you could wait or not. But before you decide to break it off, you might as well try to see what happened and maybe he'll open up? If it seems like it's about to end, then how much worse will it get if you talk to him about it?


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  • Hi,,,
    I feel he is going through something and doesn't feel like sharing... guys r like this only, they dont share things especially the bad ones... but i think u should give him time... or may be he really needs a break up... I feel no matter what but u dont stop tlking to ur loved ones even if u r going through rough phase (i might be wrong too)...
    But it think u should ask him once what exactly happened or try to ask him,,, pamper him and ask... if he is really into bad phase, he might share... or if u feel that he really wants to leave u then , better leave because its not worth chasing someone if he / she doesn't want to be with u...

    • hi, thank u so much, although it's really torturing, i will wait for a week maybe then try to contact him again. im just so sad and worried about him lots. it's really nice of u to respond to me

    • your welcome but , would suggest u to leave if in case he really wants u to leave... because u should be with someone worthy

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