How came a guy would continue to stay with a girl?

Can a guy just stay for the sex for years without developing feeling? How does a guy know when he is really to commit?


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  • No, there's only so much "meaningless" sex you can have with someone before you move on. By meaningless I mean it's all about pleasure, getting some satisfaction and that's it, no feelings involved.

    • So how do i know he is developing feeling or attachment? Signs?

    • That's a tough one really, some guys are good players, I don't really know his personality so I couldn't tell you signs of attachment from him. Although some typical signs include jealousy when talking about other guys and flirting.

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  • Feelings don't develop through sex. They develop through meaningful activities and conversations.
    If you're giving him the best physical thing that can come out of a relationship, his emotional commitment will not develop.
    He's supposed to commit BEFORE you reward him.

  • "Can a guy just stay for the sex for years without developing feeling?"

    In theory, yes - but it's more likely that after years, it would get boring and he'd dump her.


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