My ex dumped me out of the blue, he said he wants to be friends but he doesn't contact me anymore after he found out I am pregnant. What shall I do?

My ex and I were in long distance relationship for 2.5 yrs. Things were good until we traveled in Asia from March - May together. We had some arguments; 50% because I found out he slept with a girl in Saigon while he traveled alone. 50% because my bad temper. On the last 3 days of our trip, I had an argument with local people in Nepal because they're lying to us about taxi fare, I was upset because they lied and my ex only blamed me being crazy, but said nothing about other people's fault. I ended up giving a local lady my middle finger. YES, I know it's soooo wrong and I did apologize to my ex. During our discussion, I said to my ex that maybe we shall break up and he agreed! But at the end, we made peace of that argument on the same night.

Things were good after we went back to our own countries in June and July. We skyped everyday before I visited him in Holland in August.
On the second day I came back to my country from visiting him in Holland, he broke up with me by Skype and execuses are 1. I am too outgoing 2. He can't get over the arguments we had during our trip.
While I was in Holland, we had no fights or arguments. He even arranged a big welcome party for me and took me to his parents 40 anniverisary party spending 3 days with his family.
On the day he broke up with me, he said nothing I can do to change this situation. I am not sure if he has cold feet as he was supposed to apply for partnership visa for me and I will move to live with him officially in Holland from November.
He said he wants to keep in touch but the truth is he was trying to avoid me until I found out I was late for my period.
He said he wants to take responsibility even though he's not happy that I am pregnant. Our last chat on Oct. 8, he basically said he got his parents approval he won't let me move to Holland.
I then asked him what is the child support (money)? Skype connection went bad, but he just never answered nor contacted me up to today. What shall I do? Abortion?


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  • You would kill your own child to prove what point?

    Guys cheat in Saigon and you should not be suprised and bringing a woman to Asia is like bring sand to the beach, men just don't do that. Your arguing is understandable but I think the middle finger is no understood in Asia.

    If you are pregnant, give him time, he must have time to think about it, especially since he is a playboy. If you preasure him you will loose him. I will want his child if his parents brought him up correctly. You are someone to worry about. You will kill your child like it is nothing.


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  • This is just my persobal belief, but you should bever get an abortion because you broke up. That is just selfish. And immature. It is very possible to raise a baby as a sinle mom or as co-parents. I really advise you to talk to your ex and put asside your differences for the sake of your unborn child.

    • I wish... I sent him texts and tried calling him many times. But he doesn't answer my texts nor my call.

    • Okay, well then start getting the child support paperwork in order, and then serve him when the baby is born.

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  • You visited him in August? It's October. You're getting up there in your pregnancy.

    • You're getting up there in your pregnancy? Sorry, I dont understand your comment.

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    • In my home country, you can do it within 3 ~ 4 months. But you have to go to small clinic. Not big hospitals.

    • I think that's sick. But whatever, it's your life.

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  • Fuck him. Be independent you do not need a man. Raise that baby the best you can or give it up for adoption if you think you cant. But whatever you do, DO NOT look to no man for help.

  • Abortion!!! But yeah you should really get on it before time runs out.

    • Thank you. Honestly, I don't really want to get abortion. But my ex is ignoring my texts and calls. During our last chat, he basically told me he got his parents' approval that they don't think it's a good idea for me to move over to be with him even I am now pregnant. Before, he said he wanted to take responsibility of the babe, but I am shocked he's now ignoring me. I feel he's trying to ignore me and hope I would go to get abortion!

    • You have to now think about you and the baby. Do you think that you can raise and carry for a baby by yourself financially? Will it be hard to get the things you need to take care of a baby?

  • Just thank GOD he isn't Scott Peterson


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