Was it fate or fault?

I get a text from some chic named Bethani who starts sending me texts that my bf called her prettier and then my bst friend sent me a text saying bethany had texted asking her for my bf's number. t she planned on breakinf me and my bf up. between text messages from my friend and this other chic. So I sent him a text saying I can't believe you. he is like what you mean? I say you cheating son of a bitch. I then tell him what happens. He says that Bethany told him that these group of guys called her ugly. was trying to be nice by calling her prettywhat made me pissed is that this girl has a repuration of being a slut. Okay so the next day. It's tuesday. He doesn't speak to me at all. I try to email him and ask him did he still want me to come over? he said I don't know im still thinking about it. I told him i wanted to come over so we could talk about and he was like do you really want to come over? and i was like yes. So when school ended , we got in his car and drove to his house. We were both silent on the way to his house. So we get to his house and then go to his room. Well he starts playing video games. I try to get him to talk to me and he wont. He will give me like two letter word answers. And I told him if we breakup then we will be doing exactly what Bethany wanted to happen. And he is like I realize this but you didn't call me first. Thats all he could say , over and over. I told him i am sorry but I am a girl. My actions are going to be based on my emotions. I told him i was wrong for


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  • He called her pretty, hardly cheating. Unless you and your "bf" are about 10 years old of course.

    Just say you're sorry for overreacting and admit you were in the wrong to immediately believe gossip before hearing his side of the story and live happily ever after.

    • Well I did and he kept on saying how I should of called him. Well that next day he didn't talk to me all day and I told him I wanted to go to his house and talk to him. Well we went to his house and all he did was play his damn video games. And the only thing he said was how i should of called him first. I told him that i was sorry but I was too emotional at the time , between this girl texting me all these nasty things about me and my bff saying she was doing this to my bf. i got emotional and acted out of my emotions. We had been only dating about a month. Well when he took me home, he started asking me why did i ask him about babies and what would he want? , i told him that i was at my aunts house surrounded with babies so of course it is going to be on my mind. Well then he was like tbh im not seeing really seeing you with me and that i was thinking about this before this whole bethany thing started. I am like how do you go from spending everyday with someone and really like them

    • and then just stop talking to them like its nothing. There was a point where he wouldn't even look at me. He seems so happy and I wish he understood how much pain I was in. I wish he understood that I am girl and I act out of my emotions sometimes. I mean he looks at me once in class. I just miss him and I dont want to come out and tell him this. I want to have a second chance.

    • If you want something you have to speak up. He isn't a mind reader and unless you say how sorry you are and how much you miss him then he won't know.

      If he doesn't take you back after an apology then im sorry but there's not much that anyone can do

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  • If you trusted him, you wouldn't have overreacted like that to something a thot texted you. Let her play her hoebag games. Your issue is not trusting your bf and taking his side or checking with him first before you went off like a psychochick. No wonder he'd rather play video games!

    • ik girl and I shouldn;t have let that thot get the best of me , But do you think i have a chance and if so how? because that girl is still texting him and they aren't dating.

    • Is there anything I can do

    • Maybe if you super duper apologize and really be nice to him, but he might not go for it. I'd just keep saying how sorry you are over and over and say how wrong you were and how you're not going to overreact like that again and how you totally trust him. good luck!

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