Drunken Visit Premeditated?

I dated this guy earlier this year an old friend from highschool. He would really go above& beyond. I had a lot of events at this time &he would volunteer to help with everything, buying endless stuff for me, flowers, gifts, dinners &although I told him he didn't have to he would insist. I was concerned because he wasn't working and was charging it on his credit card. He just graduated from college&didn't have a job yet. After all his reassurance of how feel for me through his actions I reciprocate. I gave him some personalized gifts for his graduation and cooked for him. His reaction was strange as if through receiving a gift was werid for him. 2 weeks after he graduated he dumped me via phone. His reason being financially he couldn't date me and that he needed to focus on himself. We decided to stay friends and kept in contact. Last weekend we talked a bit more and he started bringing up old memories, askin me bake him cookies again and then started joking about throwing an after party at my hoUse since I was out of town. I was going to be home later evening and all day he Continuously joked about coming over. He works grave yard and was going to get off at 4am and he jokes around a lot so I didn't take him serious till he showed up at my door. It looked exhausted and there was no way I was as going to let him drive that way. He asked for some wine and I gave him some not knowing he had just taken four shots of Voka before leaving work. Long story eventually he wanted me to lay w/ him and sleep "like we did before" he was so tired and drunk he could barely function. It was 6am & I had an obligation at 7am so i was trying to get him to sleep but he would if I didn't sleep next to him then of course he wanted sex. I fought him but gave in eventually. I left right after.. leaving him at my house. I had even heard him run to the bathroom to throw up. I checked on him and split. He texted me the next how about how bad his hangover was and hasn't text me since
Damn way too many errors and missing words! Hopefully you can fill in the blanks :/ I was rushing through writing this out.


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  • It does sounds premeditated but at the same time, it's obvious this guy has some issues. The whole push and pull thing is crap and not healthy for you. Just by you saying he came over wasted in the early morning, just to drink more alcohol and pass out, is immature bullshit. I would really analyze if this is what you want to deal with? Did he drink and drive like that? Review this situation because if you say it to your friends or family, I think they will react the same way. When it comes to relationships or having feelings for someone, we are given signs to depict what we will "actually" be dealing with and not the false persona most people tend to use. Give it some thought and I hope you find happiness.


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