I'm in love with someone who knows I love her and doesn't love me back?

I realize this is unhealthy but i don't know what to do i constantly keep finding that i blame myself for letting her use me as her doormat and I'm sick of it but she is also one of my best friends


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  • Stop allowing yourself to be a doormat and put your energy into finding someone who appreciates you. No matter how much you "do" for her it will not change the way she feels. It will only keep hurting you. You cannot stay friends with soneone you are in love with.


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  • I know the feeling. I really like this gut named trevor. He knows I like him (I lied and told him I was over him days after he rejected me.) We never talk. I'll be talkig to my friends and he will but in with a stupid idiotic comment. For example, I said I was performing somewhere reallllly important to my friend and he just comesinto the convo and says that sounds stupid. that whole time I was thinking "you almost failed french AND english, you are stupid not my gig. He knows I used to like him and he told his friends. He doesn't make fun of me but his friends hinted at it once. They asked if I wanted to be his cuddle buddy and it annoyed me so much. I admit he is so extremely gorgeous and I would kiss him in a heartbeat but once he makes rude comments I change my mind. I dont know where I am goig so far, but just know I am here with you

    • That's good to know I'm not alone and to understand that you get how hard it is :)

    • Yep, it is such a struggling battle. I just wish I couldnt feel this at times. Hopefully you either get the girl or easily move on soon. Its a shame the girl doesn't like you but think of it this way: you lost someone who didn't care, while SHE lost someone who cared about her. I'm so sorry you have to go through this

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