How can I forget about my narcissist ex?

She doesn't care about me at all. Cut off all contact, and I'm just sitting here, sad and sore from the whole ordeal. It's been a few months and I'm still angry, hurt, fearful and sad. Please help. I don't know what to do.


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  • If she was a true narcissist than you remind yourself daily you arw better off. These people cannot lovery anyone properly. They can only view others as a supply to their narcissistic supply. They are the hardest people to get over because they leave yout baffled and unfulfilled but had sge stayed, your entire life would have been that way anyway. Sit with the pain, find ways to remember the things she did which made you label her a narcissist and ask yourself daily if you enjoyed those things. N's are by nature like spiders who lure pepole in. They are designed to be unforgettable otherwise who would stay with such a person?
    In time you will learn to see you are better off and meet someone else who deserves you.
    in the meantime there is a west of info and support for partners of Narcissists so you could do a lot of reading when you are feeling rejected.


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  • I am truly sorry for you. Unfortunately in the age of the 'me culture', narcissism seems to run out of control. narcissism seems to be a bit of a catch phase nowadays, with everyone using it to describe someone who is selfish, or self centred. As a Psych student, I can tell you that everyone is a little narcissist, but with varying degrees. I mean we have to be, or we would die. E. g. If we spent 24/7 helping people with no time to rest, sleep or eat, we would die. As it has been some months, maybe now would be the time to talk to her. Tell her how she made you feel. As a true narcissist, it is highly unlikely that she will care, but it will make you feel better to clear the air. Good luck!

    • As much as I'd like to do that, I would not get a single response. Nothing I did for 7 years seemed to count for anything.

    • There would be no point in talking to her. NPD people want you to fill N supply and that's it. Dont ever go back. Turn and run. (I see so many clients suffer for years over N's. It isn't worth engaging them in any discussion at all. The house always wins.)

  • It takes time. I don't know how much time... but time, indeed.

  • Bang a bad bitch w/ nice weave

  • you say to yourself "who was that masked man?" and move on into the sunset...

    • Sorry, but I don't get it.

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    • Thank you. That makes more sense.

    • you're welcome. I know it hurts. I was with a narcissist once before too.

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  • You need to just allow yourself to feel the emotions, without fighting it. After you've done that you can let them go. Because you are never going to forget your ex. She was a big part of your life. That's why these emotions are so strong, but what you can do is deal with them.


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