Still trying to move on... any suggestions?

So it has been a month or two since me and this guyended things. We were dating for almost 6 months. But he ended it with me over rumors he heard from someone who he barely knows. It was a huge blow out between us. I didn't give up on him, I found proof that I didn't do whatever it was i did. He still didn't believe me. I did everything I could to not give up on him and for him to not give up on me.

So after a month, I invited him to a concert., it was such a good time and it was like we never ended things. He acted like I was his girlfriend. I stayed over that night and in the morning when I was leaving, he grabbed me and kissed me goodbye. After that I haven't heard from him.

I decided to distract myself with 3 jobs and still going to school. It has been going good. But he still pops inside my head from time to time and flooding me with memories we had. I try to move on from him by going out with my girls and having a good time... I'm not interested In anyone, like I don't even want to talk to them or get to to know them.

I feel numb in a way. But today my ex texts me.. askin me if I'm okay and that he was worried. It was random. We texted for an hour catching up and him flirting. Then I asked whenever he's not busy cause he works 70hrs a week we should get a beer together or whatever. No response. But yet he snapchats me and does something funny that we use to do... and not a response back.

It's driving me crazy because I think about him all the time. He's the boy who got away pretty much. I just don't know what to do. I've tried moving on... so I don't know what more there is.


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  • Start dating again. It works like a charm


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