Does he want me back, or is he wanting a hookup?

My ex calls me cute, sexy, hot and texts me multiple times a day. He compliments me and always asks about me and how i'm doing, and I know he would be there for me if I needed him. We've been broken up for 6 months and we've been in contact the whole time (aside from 3 weeks just after the breakup), but broke up due to long distance, but we are no longer long distance as we are back at the same university again. He started contacting me much more since we've been back at school. Does he want me back or does he just want a hookup?
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  • Many times over just because two people Break Up doesn't mean they Can't And Don't Make up and that is Goodbye, my love. And with an "EX" that Marks his X in your soft spot, they always have motive and if given Opportunity When------He started contacting me much more. And of course, with the Complimentary Comments, he is Missing the Kissing and the history of when you were holding on as a twosome. But a lot has changed in "6 months" and a Much can occur and with this I mean to take in Account----Friends with benefits.
    You both need to sit down and face to face have a long serious talk. Find out where This is going, what you Both want and take it from there. In many instances, an Ex may want to be with you, want you in his life, however Not be an item, be hooked at the hip and will tell you everything under the sun just to be Friends with a little of the past that he cannot seem to leave behind.
    I am hoping that he does want to get back together. You both have had had plenty of time to think Plenty over, do some soul searching and now it has come full circle to this point and time, where the chips may be falling to be bringing you both back into one another's arms again. But to be on the safe side, just so it goes right this time, making no mistakes or having any misunderstandings, find out so no one ends up In----Harm's way.
    Good luck, God bless. xx


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  • He wants you back. It's not like you guys broke up on bad terms.


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