Just had my gf break up with me.. Please help?

I've only had 2 gfs.. Im extremly shy and low self esteem.. Pretty much im scared of girls.. Can any of you give me advice on how to talk to girls and overcome the stuff I just mentioned? Thanks


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  • I'm terribly sorry to hear that, Zep :( Break-ups ARE pretty harsh things, especially at your age. However, that's not to say that there's no hope!

    Women are people, just like you, except they have different parts. They're subtly different from us guys in their brain make-up, but they're certainly not some weird, alien species, nor are they some collective unit with secret meetings, plotting against us guys. While there ARE some sociological influences in how they live their lives, essentially their daily lives go exactly like yours, except with breasts attached.

    With that in mind, it's ALSO good when talking to a lady to not IMMEDIATELY start thinking of her as relationship material. She is not a piece of meat there to satisfy you! Treat her as a person and only when you have a great friendship with her should you consider ANY potential for relationship, but NOT until then!

    Finally... Zep? You're an awesome guy. You've made it through 36+ years on this planet. You have plenty of life experiences and despite how it might feel after this break-up, you are a COMPLETE, WHOLE, ENTIRE person. You do NOT need some lady in your life to "complete" you. There is absolutely, positively, utterly NOTHING wrong with being single. Just keep living your life being the most awesome person that you can, and the right girl will eventually take notice. Until then? Rock out and be awesome in your life :)

    I hope this helps!

    • Wow thanks.. I've never had anyone really compliment me like that before. I dont want to end up in the friendzone.. I want to have a family.. I only live once..

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  • Hey! man you dont have to be shy and scared of ladies they are humans just like you the difference is your a guy and they are ladies, try to be craetive, social with ladies, do sports with them, try to go for a movie with the ladies and day by day you will over come the fear and shyness.


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