Should I text my ex after a break up over suicide?

ok so im going to start this by saying its very complicate d
my last relationsship was about a year ago
we were basically madly In love
it lasted only five months we skipped sleep night after night after night to talk to each other we spent every waking moment together we talked about the world and just everything that we ever thought of sex was great... on his part... on my part though it was the worst I could ever ask for... that wasn't the reason we broke up that's where it gets complicated, I was extremely suicidal at the time I spent most of those days wanting to die even though I was being treated like a prinncess date night 3-4 times a week expensive dinners and he tried to sort out all my problems but nothing could ever make me feel happy so he ended it I don't think he realized how much I did appreciate it I enjoyed his company so much... he's probably the only reason im not dead and he knows it... although it got to be too much for him how sad I always was (he's also had a suicidal history) which is why he tried so hard. we haven't really spoken much after the break up... actually he moved 45 miles away to attend school. Although we both have an account on the website tu mblr and follow each other he's always rebloging me and rebloging pictures of me and commenting that im beautiful making statues saying "i wish she could see how beautiful she is" he no longer has a car and I just don't know what to do at this point
no I no longer have desirre to killl myselff


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  • No harm in saying hello in a text message :)
    Try it and see what kind of response you get..


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