I got confused what she needs exactly?

Hello everyone!
There is a girl we were dating for more than month had a goodtime together i was very good in flirt and every thing going good, and one night she tooks me to a romantic restaurant and we had a good one kiss (she start kissing) and then suddenly after this night her family come to visit her, next time we meet she said that we have to stop and beeing as firends! because am not stable, her family denied this bla bla

i got hurt ofcourse so we didn't meet for more than 3weeks but in the meanwhile she was checking me when i disappear for somedays and saying hi h r u.

and oneday i told her that i missed to hangout with her but she was busy, and then after 5days she text me she want to hangout and come to her city cause she got dayoff because of her disease! we met and it seems that she want to talk and see my reactions!

She was talking that she had a real disease and how she falling down in work, also said that her father introduce her to a boy and she is seeing it weird and don't know what to do!

I was acting as easy and told her do what will make u happy! Also i was pretend that after she decided to be friends i enjoying my life and travel and everything was better!

After that by 10mins she pretend she is tired and want to go home! and 3days after she change her Facebook status to in relationship with someguy i don't know him! (Am not in her friends list but she know that i know her Facebook account)

So what i have to do cause i got confused! And is it really in Relationship this fast! How come if she was always am alone!! is she playing me?


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  • Was it a mental disease? Cause that's a shitty game she played.


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