Why would an ex refuse to communicate with me about getting my things back? (most importantly a laptop of mine)?

We broke up about a year ago and it was me that broke up with him. He didn't take it well and I know it was hard on him. Initially he wanted me to come over to pick up my laptop but I felt uncomfortable going there a few weeks after the break up. I told him that I would eventually when I was ready to.

I didn't want to get sucked back in so to say. The last few months I have been strictly sending him messages saying "Hey, when can I get my laptop back?" "Can you leave my laptop out side so I can pick it up?" No response. His close buddies say they don't want to get involved.

Why would a guy act like this? Did he destroy it and is scared to tell me? Is he holding onto it as hope to try to get me back? Why is he being like this? He is 30 years old, I am dating someone new and he is dating someone new too.


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  • Small claims court may get it back or at least some compensation. Send him a message telling him your taking him to court for it and it might get his arse moving and return it

    • Good idea but how much $$ will that cost me out of pocket to do that?

    • Not sure in USA but I'm sure mr google will tell u or do u need your laptop back first to get on google? Hmmmmm lol its not that much here in uk so u have to decide if the cost of getting it back is better than leaving it. Send him a message first telling him your doing it and he may just return it rather than risk court action

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