Girls, When do I know it's time to break up with my gf?

What are the signs that I should? Like what are the signs of her losing interest? Actually, what are the signs of a bad girlfriend?


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  • When you don't think about her as often as you and other women creep into your thoughts more and more.
    When you find that her opinions/thoughts go right over your head and you just don't give a damn anymore.
    It becomes effort to have sex with her or share intimacy.
    When you look at her and realise that she is not that special anymore.
    A bad girlfriend is someone who only wants you for either status, money, sex, just having a man by her side, doesn't respect you, your friends or family, is selfish and everything is about her, will only be affectionate/intimate with you when she feels like it, will put you down or manipulate your emotions to get her way.


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  • its time to break up if you've lost interest , no longer respect her or sense she doesn't respect you , you'd rather be doing other things than spend time with her. or you've meet someone else who is a better fit and would rather date them. its not that she's a " bad gf" its more things just aren't meant to be , its not a relationship that is going to last forever


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  • When you don't enjoy spending time with her.


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