Why can't you guys handle silence after a breakup? why ignoring you makes you want to chase more? and BE HONEST!?

I have notice when I reply to my ex, he is wishy washy, mind you I was always the one after him ALWAYS during our relationship and after. Now that I met someone and I am busy with life he texts me and I don't reply I don't get why does he freaks when I don't reply now his NEW text is "I GUESS YOU REALLY FORGOT ABOUT ME.. THAT SUCKS" I mean.. what does that mean? when I use to reply he would always dead the convo by not replying has tables turn? GUYS be honest I don't want to hear.. he's an ex for a reason who cares bla bla thnaks


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  • For me, if someone ignores my texts (ex or not) I will get really ticked off. It's extremely rude. Now if you feel like he is trying to make advances on you confront him about it, through text if that's how you roll, and tell him you don't see him like that anymore. Even if he kills the convo while texting at least respond to the initial one, nothing is more rude than getting completely ignored. The opposite of love is not hate, but indifference.


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  • Forget complaining about him, you need to move the fuck on too.

  • The third question about the same guy. You need to stop

    • how about u stop reading my shit is freedom of speech if I want to write 20000 questions I will

    • Free points

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