Ex gf (dumper) texted me she still loves me after 3 weeks of NC?

my gf broke up 4 weeks ago. we contacted 1 time after that and it was not pleasant (via text). At that point i went NC for 3 weeks and last night she texted me "I still love you". I have not responded to her yet but I have wanted to reconcile the whole time, I just did not expect her to contact me first or to write anything like she did... how should i respond? I don't want to come across desperate (I'm not) but i don't want her to think i don't care either.


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  • Just be straight up. You still have feelings for her but you don't know where she is at so you're cautious. The great thing about NC is that whoever cracks first is usually the one who misses the other more. So hopefully the two of you can work it out but be very cautious like I said. You don't want her playing with your head. She may not even intentionally do that, but it may end up happening if she doesn't know what she wants.

  • You need to be clear. Let her know that yeah you do still love her, but at the same time you also know that you guys made a mess and are stuck in limbo right now.

    • how long should i wait before responding? i don't want to seem too eager but i don't want to make her feel ignored either.

    • Contact her tomorrow, if you feel more comfortable doing that.

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