Why does a guy find it funny to break a girl's heart?

I have seen it many times that a guy flirts with a girl & when the girl is in love with him he just leaves her. He likes to trap girls. I also had this kinda experience. But do they ever think how it feels when a girl finds she has been betrayed, her whole world has broken apart & she has lost the hope of living? Can she again trust someone and give her heart & everything happily again? Do the guy have any idea that she may never believe in true love again?
I want to ask you guys is it really funny for a guy to break a girl's heart who loves him truly?


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  • Well guys can be scared of going all the way with woman and truly giving themselves up due to bad experiences in the past or just the idea that once they do it they make themselves completely vulnerable to heart break as described. This happened to me in reverse and I was devastated from this experience. I decided that I would not ever get into a serious relationship again. Flings and purely sexual relationships are better because you get the experience of being close to someone but you never have to feel that feeling of heartbreak and sorrow again. Don't ever make yourself completely vulnerable to someone it will inevitably end in heartbreak.

    • Loving someone truly is not being vulnerable. Its not my fault if he does not deserve it. Maybe I am too conservative, but can't get in physical relationship if I don't love him.

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    • I think I should stop falling in love. Everything that falls breaks apart.

    • Instead just spend your life working on yourself and having short-term relationships but never give yourself fully over to another person because they will let you down.

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  • Eh plenty of fish in the sea you shouldn't be so dramatic about it, he sounds like a douche or maybe you read the signs wrong


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