Just how dumb am I to have asked the guy who dumped me whether we're still friends?

He dumped me a month ago, was still sorta taking to me on Whatsapp, then I started sending lots of emotional wrought texts and he blocked me on Whatsapp. (I think he just got bored of me and lost interest.) Then I texted him much much less via SMS, and he responded to those sometimes, but anyway yesterday I asked for my charger back from him and got it from him, and that was it. A couple hours before he texted me "How about deleting my number after getting your charger back?"

Oh god, and today I don't know where my mind was at, I actually went to the pantry, had a misguided epiphany of the wrongest idea in the universe, and came back to my table to text him, "Wait, so are we officially not friends anymore? Are we enemies now?"


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  • You will get over him. Just make a plan of attack, get yourself into the gym and work on your ass and getting yourself into a hot body, and you will have a bunch of guys lining up to make you forget. Then play Picky Picky Picky, because you will be in hot demand. there's no crying in baseball, remember that,

    • He's a frickin tough act to follow. He's not an A&F model or a drummer in a band or... some badass motherfucker. He was my definition of perfect imperfection. Does anyone even know what it's like to chance upon that?

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  • he seems kinda like a dick in all honesty. Don't beat yourself up for asking.. i'm sure you'll feel better getting a concrete answer and you have every right to ask any question that you want to.

    however he is someone you will get over in time, dont worry. he doesn't seem very nice to you based on what you said.

    • Shut yo mouth bitch! (<-- sorry. I don't actually mean that, I just get ghetto sometimes when I'm emotional.)

      He's not a dick. He just is doing what is best for me at this juncture, and severing contact for the moment to let me heal from relationship rejection.

      He was nice to me, in ways I was too blind to appreciate in the beginning. And he still cares about me. And I care about him such that I do not need him to want me to be his girlfriend.

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    • He e-mailed me. He e-mailed me in response to my SMS, and said "No I never said we were enemies or anything. I just said I thought you needed more time to get over everything that has happened."

    • Oh well that's great then! :)

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