Breakup or keep this relationship or... I know I like him a lots and hard to decide?

I hope someone help refresh in my mind.
I met this guy in Aug and dated for two weeks. He lives different states. In Sept, I went to see him on his B-day. We had very good time. After the trip, he asked me to join family holiday party. I was happy but I was not sure this is mix signals or not (he brokeup his ex gf in March and finally done his divorce in Aug) He told me that he is not ready for serious relationship. Anyway, we talked over the phone made lots of plans for this trip. I had free tickets so decided to use for our trip. Also I got my ticket from my states to his states. I went to see him this past week for about 10 days and the day before I leave, he told me that he wants to spend time with his family himself and wants to go to there alone. I was stay there for 10 days and felt like "marriage couple" and he is not ready for serious, etc... sorry for me to sent mixed signals, etc... I lost the words and only I could say that I understand at the time. He told me that he will be very busy in Dec (I knew already before) so, we won't see each other for a while... he wants to take our relationship slow but keep continue, etc. I asked him that if we do not see each other anymore then I'm okay (I was not okay but what can I say?) then he said no, we will. Also asked me to leave my belongs which shoes, bathroom items etc for next visit.
My friends said that he will be nice as sugar until he get the trip ticket, he is using me as his convenience.
As far as ticket, he offered me to pay once but I said no. My portions of ticket are non refundable and he knows it. Yes, I still like him and I'm not looking for serious relationship yet but not sure what is the term of serious relationship? I think bf and gf is not serious yet but not sure. Should I give him the ticket and breakup or continue relationship? or sale it to him? or breakup on him last min then he has to purchase/find the ticket last min? (Bitch thought)


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  • One cannot be sure but personally i don't think that he will be nicer to you only because of those tickets. Just think that you are giving him because you have a big heart and you won't expect anything in return.
    But you could wait for some more time and then decide what to do.


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  • I think you should break up with him and give him the ticket because its what you said you were gonna do. There's no need to be malicious or tricky with the ticket when you've already made arrangements for him to have it. Also, I feel like you proposing break up ("I asked him that if we do not see each other anymore then I'm okay (I was not okay but what can I say?) then he said no, we will") shows that you're really not into it anymore and that you want a guy who will be more consistent with his plan and his feelings.


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