If she truly loves me (how she acts and what she has said) then what would trigger her to change so suddenly?

I'll keep this short... My girlfriend broke up with me after 18 months and we were very much in love, we'd just gone in a fantastic holiday with our friends and we were talking about doing new things together and we were cooking together and just spending time together getting away and being with each/other. We were still intimate and making a lot of effor to see eachbother and make each other happy with surprises and etc.

Then out if no where she says she doesn't know what she wants and is scared about being committed and worried about being too young and only being with one person. She said she needed space and didn't know if she wanted a relationship but she said her feelings hadn't changed and the way she acted proved that like still kissing me passionately and saying she loved me.

Her friends think she just wants to be single as all of them are and go clubbing every week but when we was together she still went clubbing and had a laugh (and was actually annoyed that some of her friends Actually only went to get off with guys and couldn't have fun without them) she even turned down this guy who she use to fancy (when she was really young) and said she wouldn't want anyone else but me and was so happy to have me.

so how could she give up on love for being single when she's said how great we are and I believe her or she would have just cheated or dumped me when that hot guy hit on her but she didn't and it amplified her feelings for me?

Any advice on what to do?


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  • I think she's just confused. Some girls feel at a loss when they're the only friend in a relationship while the rest of their girls are living that fun, single life. She could feel a little too tied down, like maybe it is headed in a place that she doesn't want to go. Regardless, I've never been one to think it's fair to play both sides of the fence. If she wants to be single with her friends, she should do that, but this inbetween state she's in isn't fair to you. I think you should ask her what she ultimately wants, and if she doesn't know, then break it off. May sound harsh, but your heart is on the line the most right now, and for her to drag u along with her confusion is just selfish.

    • We have broken up as she said she didn't want to keep me on the side whilst she decided what she wanted as it wouldn't be fair, but think I should give up on being friends?

    • if you still have feelings then I don't think that's a good idea, only by of how hard that is. Ask yourself, would you be able to listen to her encounters with other men or see her move on? If u think you'll be ok, then sure, keep her as a friend :)

  • I think that she wants to be single and is losing feelings for you but its hard for her to leave because she misses wanting to be with you and she doesn't wanna hurt you. Also when you're friends are single, if you're not strong minded, you could want to be single too, simply because of your social environment (all her friends are single doing "single people" things). I think you should let her go and move on. There nothing more dangerous than investing time and feelings into someone who doesn't know what they want.

    • Yeah we haven't spoke for a month and planned to stay friends... Think I should contact her or just cut friendship all together? (We had been best friendship 5 years)

    • Just leave it alone. Eventually you guys will come back together again. If you're true friends with someone usually you come back together and the friendship will continue.

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