How do I stop thoughts of my EX from cluttering my mind?

I broke up with my ex of 5 years last year. It was a really emotional relationship. I had some serious trust issues, with good reason, but it made me into someone I couldn't stand so I ended it. I always wondered what it was that just wasn't enough for him, he always sought the attention of other women, and went as far as cheating a couple times. When I broke up with him, he quickly moved on to a girl he had recently gone on a work trip with (surprise). They are still together today from what I gather. I am seeing a genuine guy right now, he treats me the way I wished my ex would've. I wonder what my ex is doing, if his new girlfriend makes him happier than I ever did, wonder if he ever thinks of me. Sometimes I imagine my current boyfriend as him, it's really messed up. Don't get me wrong I never want to be together with my ex again, so I don't understand why I think of him all the time. How the heck do I move forward?


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  • That is someone NOONE can help you with hon. Its a natural thing that happens... especially after 5 years? you will need months to get over him.. possibly over a year. You have two options...
    1) give it time for his memory to fade away
    2) do what I do, and find a rebound... just jump into another relationship to take your mind off the first one.
    It works but it tends to be temporary so its probably a good idea to let that person know too.


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