If we broke up, why does he still look at my profile so much?

I met a guy online a little while ago. We dated briefly and were really into each other. We would have continued dating if we wasn't unexpectedly relocated to the other side of the country.

I wanted to keep seeing each other, at least initially, to see if we could make something work long distance, but he thought it would just be too hard to give the relationship the attention it needed. I respected his decision.

In the past few days, I noticed that he still looks at my profile almost every day. I don't look for him, I can just see who's viewed me as soon as I log on. He also sends a text daily but doesn't keep the conversation going.

Why? He was the one that wanted to make a "clean break."


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  • He misses you and still thinks about you. That's the only reason I would be doing that. Just because he's initiated a break up due to long distance doesn't mean that he's put you completely out of his mind. He probably regrets it because he really likes you and looks at your picture a lot. Many people break up because they move too far away from each other to be together pursue an intimate and lasting relationship but, it doesn't mean that they don't have feelings for one another or quickly forget about each other. Maybe the two of you could be friends? It seems that way since you said he still sends you texts. Talk to him, at the very least the two of you could be pen pals and could correspond via email.


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