How and why are courts legally allowed to threw out a prenup?

If a man or a woman signed a prenup that makes it a written contract between the two of them, but for whatever reason courts have been tossing them out as it nothing. Meaning that if a legal agreement was made then courts can ignore it if they choose.


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  • Prenups are not legally binding.

    They claim to be, but in the court of law, they're rarely considered.

    Shocker, right?

    Many courts choose to uphold them, but just like writing a promise on a napkin is technically legally binding, they get thrown out a lot.

    Prenups are basically so two people have an agreement before entering into a marriage. After a divorce, however, it all goes to hell. That's why divorces take so damn long. The lawyers are fighting over stuff that should have already been (and most likely is) outlined in the prenup.

    They're essentially a great big hullabaloo about nothing because many judges don't even acknowledge them as legally binding.

    • I just think it's bullshit. I mean if they signed the prenup then they clearly were okay with the agreement in the begin, but courts allow them to go back on this because one party has "buyer's regret".

    • Yup. Sucks, right?

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  • Because we live in a nanny state, which most people support. Most people do not want to take responsibility for their own lives and their own choices, which is why the legal and political system is as it is.

    • Yeah. People make and agree then later go back of it because they changed their minds too late so they use the court systems to work around the original agreement.

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