I miss my cheating ex boyfriend?

My ex and I were together for a year, I split up with him in march because of his anger problems. after a few months he got back in contact and we met up, I thought we would get back together... then he suddenly said he wanted to be on his own. I found out he was lying and had met somebody else. I also found out he cheated during our relationship. This all happened back in June and I'm still really upset and missing him, and I feel like I want to text him and see how he's doing. He's not with that other woman now. I know it sounds pathetic of me and I shouldn't want him back, but I can't help how I feel. I've never contacted him or vice versa for almost four months now. Should I try? Or am I just being a fool? I'm 31 and he was my first and only love.


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  • Its perfectly normal for you to miss him... but you are on the right track.. dont contact him. I have dated someone in your age range and I know the emotions running through your mind... that clock is ticking... but would you rather go back to him and get hurt again or go for another guy who will possible treat you better than back and forth? the choice is yours.

  • What you're missing is all the good times... but NOT him, ergo the anger, the shopping around (even unto comparing sex), then not calling you to say it was all a mistake (thus it wasn't in his mind). Moth, never go back to that flame and while shopping for other flames of warmth, use your experience (however limited) to guard against similar "tells" that their future will fare as poorly.
    It's always off to me to see gals WAIT for Prince Charming to appear and when impatient, will throw themselves at a jerk that appears to be "a sure thing".
    You are WOMAN, capable of shopping astutely for a GOOD guy.


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