She broke no contact early?

Long story short my almost one year relationship where I gave way more effort, and recently got into a confrontation where she was saying she wants to break up, and saying she's done. But added the new twist of awful personal insults, then tried to slowly walk it back that night and day, but I had mentioned the following day I needed an actual apology, which got me "when I'm ready I will" which lead to me honoring her request to break up and cutting ties.

I asked her that day to block me/set private on instagram [because I readily admitted I'd look at it, and it would hurt] she agreed but on day one of NC undid it.

Also on Day 1 NC liked a random comment on a mutual friends page [this isn't odd but it wasn't ever like she liked every comment I made when we were together]

Now on Day two texted me "listen to this song" which I did and had a friendly causal chat I had asked if she wanted to meet up mid conversation to talk in person. She said Maybe but not today, more chatting causally then when I said I had to run she said "where are you going? Not coming to see me" We joked a little more and I said she could text me later if she wanted.

I do love this girl a ton but I just couldn't stand being toyed with for self satisfaction :( really trying to figure it all out
Edit: I do love her a ton ****But I couldn't stand if this was her toying with me for self satisfaction***


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  • She's trying to manipulate you and get more control over you. I wouldn't be surprised if she said she wants to be back again.
    Don't. Run away. She doesn't love you, you're just a toy for her. The one she cares about, though.


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