He says he lost his love for me. (Please help me understand, because he really isn't giving me any answers)?

We liked each other in 5th grade and kinda "dated" aka. hugged and called me his girlfriend, then I left for middle school then now came back to the district and we are going to the same high school. We dated off and on freshman year, during the summer we started dating again into now sophomore year, we had been technically dating for 4months but have been talking for about 6/7 months when he blind sided me with a breakup 5 days ago. After we had been dating for a month we said the we loved each other. So we said it all the time, and I really felt like he did everything was great. When he broke up with me he said that he lost feelings for me, but then he said that he still finds me attractive and still likes me but doesn't love me, and he got kinda mad that I didn't want to be friends but then I changed my mind and said that we can. He said that it wasn't because of another girl, but then I found out which he admitted that over the weekend (was at a youth camp fundraiser in the mountains) he met a girl who was "a friend" then he broke up with me Monday and the same day he broke up with me he hung out with the girl he had met. He told me that I was his first true love, and even through the last couple weeks said that he loved our relationship and that it was perfect. Thee part that hurts the most is that I told him that I was careful about who i let in and especially with him that I didn't want to get hurt and now I feel that all he ever diid was lie to me. I've started feeling better about the break up, and I don't think that I want him back, Its just hard to go from talking to someone all the time to no longer talking to them.. here are my questions im hoping to get some answers to...
1.) How is it possible to just loose feelings for someone?
2.) Will he miss me at some point?
3.) Was this caused by the girl he met?
4.) Im pretty sure (99.9%) that I don't want him back, so why am I still thinking about him?
Thankyou so much to whoever read my story because I know its long, so thankyou to anyone who comments :)


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  • thinking about him because it's the most recent "big" thing. simple.
    I wouldn't take him back.


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  • You shouldn't want him back he didn't treat you right. My ex and I met in middle school 6th grade and decided to get together and so we did, everything was going pretty much until summer came that is in 2013 I messaged him on Facebook and saw a picture of him and some girl that read "look at me and by baby". So I texted him and asked him who is this on his profile pic. He told me she was just a friend which I knew he was lying and he told me you can't assume stuff. I was like what do I have to assume when its right there in front of my face. Don't be friends with him that is a bad idea. My ex started changing and drinking and stuff, I broke up with him the first of school last year and then he took me back 5 months ago, and said he loved me and hugged me tight. And then once a month past and I was with him he broke up with me out of the blue. He left me confused I didn't know why, I blame it on myself for taking him back when I should've left ahead of time. I really am sorry that happened to you, you don't deserve him love and he doesn't deserve you. He's going to be stuck in your head for a while but with time he will go away and you won't even remember him. My ex and I go to the same high school together but ever since he broke up with me we don't say anything to each other no talk no nothing. Its said but people change and feelings change. I did all the work and our relationship he just sat back and drank. Some people just grow out of love with other people and there feelings changed. He might miss you but if he tries to take you back, then first before you go running into his arms. Looks can be deceiving, just because they have a pretty face doesn't mean there heart is bright. Who knows what it could've been people just move on with there lives and I think you should too. I understand it is hard and you will be sore and broken for a couple of days but you will heal trust me. You don't deserve that boy and he doesn't deserve you.


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