Did I catch my husband cheating? His excuse is so entertaining!?

I had reason to be concerned and looked through his text messages (spare me the rant about snooping, he has always said if I ever doubt then to check, he has nothing to hide). Well, apparently he does have something to hide because his female coworker who is is very close with (she's married as well) sent him a picture of her in her bra and panties (a picture of her sideways with her butt pushed up and out in a sexy pose). There was also a text message that followed saying "I need to feel you again". Long story short I confronted him and he did exactly what I expected him to do... said that had asked her for a picture of her tattoo and that was the picture she sent. And as far as the "I need to feel you again" he said she meant a hug. Is this a joke? I am just curious to see if any human, man or woman would believe this story? I am not buying it and about to end my marriage. Is this reason enough for divorce for most people? As a side note, he always manages to not exactly lie but doesn't tell the truth. He is quite skilled in this. He considers it white lies but I am a cut and dry person and take pride in honesty so I see these as him being a habitual liar.
Both he and his coworker are sticking to their story and won't budge. now what?
  • is he having an affair?
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No I don't trust him. He has a habit of not telling me things and I find out later through someone else or when he's forced to tell me. He has a huge history of telling me one thing/promising me something and then doing the exact opposite.


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  • I voted c but only to see what the answers were... honestly I have to ask. Do you trust him? I feel like this one text shouldn't be grounds to end a marriage nor should it be reason to tell her husband. Their marriage isn't your issue. But if you are seriously concerned that he is lying then maybe you should go to a marriage counselor or soemthing. But if you aren't even questioning whether or not to end it and just want it over then maybe you're not meant to be.


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  • Yes lying!!! I would go to her in person and ask what's going on

  • he's having affaire yup..


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