She left me with no prior warning?

So me and my ex have been dating on and off for the past 2 years. We started seeing each other again in July and things have been going great up until last weekend. We both moved away to different unis but decided to keep it going long distance. Luckily i had some money so was able to go down to see her for the past 2 weekends and everything seemed fine apart from her being a bit off with me last Sunday but i put this down to stress as she can't find a job that will let her come home for Christmas so she's stressing about money etc.
The night i got home she seemed funny again and when i asked if she'd had an responses from jobs she'd applied for, she flipped and put the phone down on me. About an hour later i got a text apologising for her being so off with me but she said things had changed and she'd come to conclusion that we may last a while but not forever and that she didn't feel as strongly about the relationship as me, that I'm too nice of a guy for her to hurt and that maybe we should of never had a sexual relationship at all, but all this went against how she'd been with me whilst i was at hers?
She said she needed space so i wished her well and left her till today where i just asked her how she was doing and how uni was and left it at that.

I'm so confused with how fast and unexpected this has all happened. I know that i had been getting lazy recently with my fitness and her but is all lost with her?
I know i should give her space but do you think that there is any hope with her in the end?
I love this girl to death and i know she feels the same about me so all jope can't be lost right?


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  • i know why she flipped out she didn't mean no harm but come on a guy would do the same thing like any other person we liked to have our stuff together or at least have a job or be good financial talking about our employment when we don't have a job makes us feel like crap like were nothing ik how it is because i hate feeling behind in life in some way i wanna be fully stable so just don't bring up any job stuff or employment let her tell you that for herself thats a no no don't do that ask her that again cause it can be a sensitive subject for people who are really trying but can't get a job yet if you wanna help you could go online look for jobs in her area and fill out jobs for her but nvm that won't work without her resume well i have another idea try to go see her or find a university by her if you really love her you will show it by actions and showing it because right now she can't come home at least you finding a job in her area then a place will make her happy because to be honest by the sounds of it from all she said sounds like she's losing hope in forever due to distance


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  • Out of nothing she says "that I'm too nice of a guy for her to hurt and that maybe we should of never had a sexual relationship at all". in my opinion she met someone.


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