My ex boyfriend broke up with me but his mom and I are close than ever?

My ex and I have been broken up for a month now and me and his mom talk almost everyday. She post pics of our selfies we took on Facebook yesterday and she feel that I am the one for her son. However my ex just don't seem like he wants to make things work for us it really hurt my feelings for him to see that I am the one and his own mom said she will not stop talking to me becaus of the break up. Like will he ever open his eyes and see that I am a good person and love him very much or just let it go?


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  • can't make him realize anything. He doesn't know how lucky he is that his mom has already accepted you. most parents don't accept their kids dates not to talk of being good friends.
    I suggest letting it go, he may just be a little weirded out that you guys get along well. keep talking to his mom as friends and very soon he will start to realize how much he misses you and come back. I call it the boomerang effect.

    • Yeah that's what I plan to do. And plus his mom going through breast cancer so I just don't want to cut her off. I'll give him his time to go out and mess with other girls but if I move on then I move on I'm not coming back.

    • you got the right idea partner... its gonna suck at first cuz he will still be around but if you start crushing on someone else... that feeling goes away really quick.

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  • It's good that you are keeping the distance between you and him. It's better this way. Maybe it's not necessarily about you and him, and he's just confused or stressed out about other things. I did the mistaking of chasing my ex, and it just made matters worse. Just let him be, and he'll come back =)

    • Yeah I stop talking to him but I still talk to his mom. So his mom texted me yesterday and I responded and then my ex going go text me saying "you still ignoring but talking to my mom" he don't like the fact that I have a good relationship with her. Which I don't understand. Maybe he has already moved on and he want his mom to do the same.

    • Hmm not sure how to deal with this, because I haven't been that close with the parent of the person I was in a relationship with... But maybe just have less contact with his mom, I'm sure she'll understand. Or tell her to keep quite about your relationship with her from him for now.

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