My ex just got a gf but he keeps messaging me. Why?

I was with my ex for a year. It was a long distance relationship (me: Los Angeles & him: Ontario, Canada)
We've known each other for two years,
To be honest we got along great but of course the distance was what made us break up. Anyways he keeps messaging me & we still talk & Skype. He says he misses having me in his life & he still wants to come visit me in Cali. I went on his Facebook profile today & says he's in a relationship since August 27th. We've been Skyping & talking around this time. So why is he telling me this when he has a gf. i didn't even know he had one. So I'm mad & confused, also I don't want to start problems with his new gf.
Also I was the one who broke up with him.
I'm 23 & he is 21


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  • Either he is trying to use his new girlfriend to make you want him more, or he is trying to use you to make his current girlfriend want him more. Either way, this sounds like the work of a manipulative schemer to the likes of me. >=(

    • It's so weird. I would never thought of him this way. She's also younger than him. She's 18, I'm 23 & he's 21

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    • Thats not a bad option. My only concern is that deciding you're done talking to him without telling him you're going to stop responding to his messages may be hurtful to him, especially if he doesn't know why (assuming he still like you, which seems quite possible right now).

    • So the next time he messages me. I'll just say "I'm happy for him, I wish him the best." But that I want to keep my distance. Because I don't want to cause problems? Should I say I'll still be around if he ever needs to talk about his problems or should I just leave it at no contact?

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  • That relationship status is one of the numerous things I don't believe on FB. He probably just switched it just to make you jealous or show you that he can rebound after being dumped. High chance he doesn't really have a gf...
    either that... or he had a gf the entire time he was talking to you. That is why LDR's aren't good. You only have a person's word and people lie.

    • Well I know he didn't have a gf because we talked literally 16 hours a day. When I was in school we would Skype call & fall alseep together. Also I would talk to his family too But he used to live in Nova Scotia, he just recently moved to Ontario, also he has this girl tagged in his relationship status.

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    • He's had a rough past. So we relate a lot to each other. I'll keep my distance I don't want to get hurt or his new gf getting hurt.

    • good idea

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  • Ok did you message him back after he messaged you before you found out he had a gf? And if you left him why are you mad and confused? You had your chance with him the relationship is over. I could understand if you said that he kept messaging you even after you never responded but if you message him back he is going to respond. He probably does not want to be rude. One thing is for sure if he has a gf stop contacting him and respect his relationship

    • I left him because it was hard maintaining a ldr, we weren't stable in our lives. Doesn't mean I didn't stop caring for him. Yeah we message each other because we broke up but still maintained a friendship. I haven't responded to him because im confused because he has been affectionate with me while he just got in a relationship. Obviously I wouldn't come in between them. I want him to be happy. He's been through a lot.

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    • Oops typo *or In love

    • I meant he might be trying to make her jealous

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