Is there any way to get him back?

My boyfriend broke up with me a couple of weeks ago and i was wondering if i could get him back.
Im not really that upset about the break up, but its just that we're in the same class and its just hard. He broke up with me because he realised he still wasn't over his ex. We didn't date for a long time but only a few weeks.
The thing is, he and his ex most probably aren't going to get back together because it won't work between them. He said he was over her when he asked me out though.
He wants to still be friends and i'm cool with that. We text each other daily like nothing ever happened.
Its still weird in person though. And i was wondering if i could get him back. Can i? Is there a way of making him like me again? How do i do it?



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  • I need more information over your relationship before I can really assist you. Feel free to message me this information if you want me to give you a detailed answer.


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