Just broke up with bf. Need guy views asap please?

Hi, I've been dating a guy a month and it was going really well. He treated me exceptionally well buying me roses and treating me like a princess. On our last 2 dates we came back to mine and I was clear from the outset that I want to take things slow and get to know each other. We kissed and stopped when it got heated and he seemed ok with it. Last night the same happened but this time he said he felt v uncomfortable (physically as he was in jeans) and I'm giving him mixed messages.

He left and seemed v upset and we just spoke and he broke up with me.

I'm confused. There is no question I would just appreciate some insight.


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  • I think he felt you was leading him on with the kissing moments. It seems like to me he thought you wanted more. When things got heated you stopped. I also think if you want to take things nice and slow with a guy then you have to make that point clear in the very beginning. If your cuddling and kissing a guy a lot then he is going to expect more or try to make a move, etc. I think if he really wanted to be patient with you then he wouldn't had gotten mad and called things off with you.

    • Thanks I felt it was a dumb question and as if I was missing some sort of point. After reading your answer I set clear boundaries and we are back together. Thank you v much.

    • Thank you for selecting my answer as the most helpful. No it wasn't a dumb question. No question is a dumb question. My teacher always told me that. That is very good that you set clear boundaries and I am glad that he understands them. And congrats on being back together to with him. I hope things work out and good luck with everything. :)

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