Why am I still thinking about him when I'm talking to someone?

There was a guy that I could've sworn was my true love. Things didn't work out because he made a douche move. We talked for months and months, and when we stopped I didn't even think twice about going back again. But it's been two months now and suddenly I can stop dreaming about him. We'd never kissed beause he always said he was waiting for the right moment. He comes up in my daily thoughts, things remind me of him, I've considered inviting him to my bday dinner with all my friends, and now everytime I go to sleep I have a dream about him. Is this a sign that he will come back to me some how. Or that we miss each other? He was the other half the one that balanced everything out. But I got back together with my ex after he screwed up, it didn't work out, so I stated talking to another guy and now he is creeping back into my life. I don't know what to do...


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  • You know what you want to actually do, so act on it.

    Even if your dream doesn't actually turn into reality, it isn't the end of the world. Someone else worded this rather abruptly, but its experience for later on in life.

    Learning to consider your actions first is a valuable lesson in life - telling someone you hate "them" if in actual fact you hate something they have done, is completely different. You don't say what the "douche" move is, but if in the grand scheme of things it was actually something fairly trivial, apologise to him for being abrupt.

    Also: waiting for the "right moment" is a bit of a cliché. You either want to kiss the person you're dating or you don't. Don't be afraid to grab him and be the one to initiate the first kiss. Males are just as complicated and he might be shy about making the first move. My wife was the one who made her first move on me, so it clearly does work both ways.

    • Well I just said douche move because I didn't want to explain. What happened wass: After our first little date together I asked him what we were. He said just friends because he wanted to focus on school and girls were too much drama for him. I was accepting of that and said okay. But unfortunately for me he began dating a girl three weeks later. Telling me that it was my fault because he told me he didn't like me anymore. HE LED ME ON. I swear he did no exaggerations. I told him that he knew that he had strong feelings for me and he just whatever and apologized. I didn't accept and I told him he really hurt me.

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  • you can make up again with him i believe

    • I told him I hated him twice.

  • lol trust me u will never meet ur true love in HS. seriously lol...
    just enjoy being young and don't take things to seriously during that age

    • I'm 17, this doesn't help bye.

    • lol yeah but I went through this stage. it seems important but you will realize how silly all these things are in a few years

    • Okay good for you. Not everyone is the same.

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  • Hello Hunnie,

    Well first things first being a teenager is hard-work i am now twenty two so i think i eventually got there in one piece lol
    Right so...

    Dreaming about a guy means he's within your subconscious thoughts so wow you must be doing a lot of thinking about him. Dreams are never signs exactly how they are going to happen within your lifetime but i reckon from how much your thinking about this guy its playing into your dreams aswell.

    Right dreams over...

    Birthday? happy birthday? yes why not? maybe it might put your mind at ease seeing this guy? it might be an extreme disappointment or it might be exactly how your dream says its going to be. I would hold off on leading on the other guy though. Stop the talking.. we don't need feelings getting hurt

    Good Luck


    • Thanks, I appreciate this.

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