Depressed & feeling extremely broken & rejected once again?

My ex broke up with me. We were together 9 years. After the break up we didn't speak for almost a year. He then started coming around trying to talk to me. Eventually I started talking to him. He made it seem like he still had feelings for me.

We have been intimate a few times since June. He calls & texts me all the time. He recently asked if he could walk my dog for me when I'm working..

Last week he asked me to come over and we hung out, listened to music just having a good time. Drank two bottles of wine.

We were kissing & he just pulled away, stopped & said " I can't even wrap my head around this right now, I'm just super stressed out & have a lot on my plate".. I asked him if there was something I should know, if there was anyone else & he said "no, I just have a lot going on & I don't just want to have sex with you. One thing at a time."... I asked if I had done something & he was like " no it's not you at all, I'm just really stressed out"

I feel completely rejected & foolish. What's even worse is he's like rubbing it in my face that he's buying a house. Maybe he doesn't get that it's hurtful to me. Don't get me wrong I'm happy for him. It just sucks cause I thought someday we'd buy a house together. I just smile & pretend everything's fine, Inside its killing me slowly. He hasn't asked me back out, he texts me all the time. I don't get what I am to him anymore. He knows I love him. Wtf.


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  • You are like an old, comfortable shoe that he wants to wear when it is convenient and take it off when it is not. In my opinion, it is selfish because he probably does not know that it hurts you, but after nine years he should. Out of decency, he should move on with his life and leave you to yours. There is nothing wrong with being friends since you do have so much history, but being intimate should be off limits if there is not going to be a renewed commitment.


What Girls Said 1

  • No wonder your depressed this guy is a complete dickhead. I seriously feel so saddened by this story. He sounds like a narcissist. You really don't want or need him around. You don't need him around that time and sure as hell you dont need him around now. Unfortunately with men like him as long as he knows he's in control he will keep coming back. Hun when things unfortunately don't work out the first time they rarely continue to work out the second time round because the reason to why it didn't work out the first time always remains. See it this way..

    Would you have sexual intercourse with someone who you didn't love who continues to rub things in your face like future plans you really desire? would you waste your time on someone who gave you attention when they felt like it? NO OF COURSE YOU WOULDN'T
    unfortunately love is a complicated one and we can't help how we feel but we can always and i mean always HELP WHAT WE DO ABOUT IT

    This guy doesn't seem to want to commit its all false promises and false hopes. Please like you did before remove him from the face of the earth. Holding on to this waste of life is wasting your life.. so many good guys are passing you by without your realizing it.
    Please do the right thing and say goodbye to something that said goodbye to you ages ago

    Good Luck




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