Do I have a chance of winning her back?

So I was in a relationship with this girl for about 7years... she is 3 years older to me... she broke up about 10months back... Because I wasn't giving her a lead on for future when she needed it... I had my basic issues as to where I stand in my life in terms of career, financial aspects, etc.. will I be able to take care of myself and her as well.. I figured where I stand now.. mentally, emotionally and financially strong now... but she doesn't wants it now because I turned a deaf hear to her when she said give me hope.. She says I didn't mind waiting... but you didn't give me hope... I have moved on.. she still loves me is what she says but needs her space now.. and I'm not looking back... she is also worried because its intercaste...


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  • If you wanted a relationship with her long term then you shouldn't have broken up with her. Couples who last are the couples who stay together through things, even when the other is struggling or growing in some way, they don't break up. You have to accept that there are consequences to the choice you made and just because now you're ready for a relationship, the kind that she wants, doesn't mean she was sitting there waiting for you, and she will have lost trust in you to be there for her or stay with her through it all. Why would she want to give you what you want now, when you didn't give her what she wanted then?


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