Where should I stand in this relationship?

I asked my boyfriend to accompany me to my house because my family was getting together. He told me he was too tired so I let him stay home and rest. Later that night I found out he was at the bar with his friends. I was mad that he cancelled with me because it was unacceptable that he lied about staying home to rest. I broke up with him that night thinking he would feel regretful and try to work something out. He only said sorry but I was still mad that he didn't come to my house.
I feel very disappointed with him and I'm confused. We've been together for 4 years and I love him but he has done this other times and I do not want to live like this. I talked to him about it but I don't believe him anymore. It hurts me to leave him and I feel very sad.
What do you guys/gals think?


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  • I mean a relationship is a two way street, both of you have to cooperate and benefit from it. Ask yourself: am i too clingy? Bossy? demanding. If so then thats the problem, both of you need time to yourselves and to hang out with your friends. I mean of you like him then make it work and talk it over, but if he seems not to interested then move on. After all 3 years is too much to be dating and more like you should be getting married. There are many great men out there who will cherish you and try to make you happy. Good luck!


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  • It's a good thing you broke up with him. He obviously does not respect you enough.

  • you don't like being let down or lied to, and it's perfectly fine to make that something you won't accept. Breakups, especially ending something long term, is miserable. But I think it'd be worse to stay in a relationship where things don't work for you. Change is a choice, and if he's going to continue this, then it's just not worth it.


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