Would you keep your ex around?

Would you hang out & text her almost daily? If you would do this is there a chance you still have feelings for her?


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  • Apparently this is happening to you, so sorry, esp. if you have a fragile ego or have been tricked prior by others.

    Me? I really don't think so... after I've made my play and been rejected or after a relationship ends, what's in it for me? To be a voyeur on the ex's new life and adventures? Trying to see another angle, as if I were the reject-er, what's in it for me? Keeping her on string in case I need loving/sex/cheerleader when new adventures & gals don't work out pronto?

    That's ALL I've got on this unusual relationship.
    Certainly they still have either an attraction or something in he stars that makes them family/lovers/friends/co-workers/whatever.

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  • That's a bit tricky. It's rare that you see ex's remain friends and solely that, so maybe it's just foreign for you to witness. It would be for me too. This is just a situation where u don't want to just to conclusions. Maybe pay extra attention to how he talks about her or acts around her. If he's flirty or sounds a little too smitten, don't be afraid to raise that red flag and ask questions.

    • I'm the ex in question. He broke up with me. Yet contacts me all the time. Very confusing. He knows I still have feelings.

    • Gotcha.. Well who knows, he could be trying to re-open that door, or just wants to be friends. Regardless, u have full control of what happens next. If u don't like the contact or fear he is trying to rekindle the fire, simply cut him off. No need to reply and entertain small talk if u don't want to :)

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  • You need to ask him point blank about his intentions, we are retarded creatures!!! We don't read between the lines so well, honesty is your best tool. Even if you do or don't want to get back with him air that shit our so everyone involved knows where they stand?

    • I have already. He knows I still have feelings for him. And he's the one who broke it off.

    • What did he say when u confronted him about it?

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  • That's kind of a tricky question, I have an ex that goes to the same high school as me and he was the one that broke up with me but no I don't keep him around whatsoever. If you want to stay in contact with your ex or become friends with him that's up to you. But sometimes being friends with an ex is a bit tricky and it never works out the way you want it too. My ex and I when we first met never started off as friends we just tied the knot. The choice is yours, if you want to do it then do it, if you don't then don't. I cut off all contact with my ex, we don't talk whatsoever. I just think being friends with an ex is weird plus it doesn't solve anything. Okay so you two are friends, no what? I don't think its possible, for some it is but for me I just leave my ex in the past and move on with my life.


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