Bf broke up with me , I got upset and told him I have to move on now and that I don't want him to contact me ever again. Now I feel guilty?

He hurt me. I got really upset and told him that I need to date now and move on and that he shouldn't contact me again. I said that cause I was upset. why do I feel so guilty? If he truly did want to ever contact me again, he would right? me saying that wouldn't stop him?


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  • You've split up. Whether you wanted it to end or not, it has ended.

    Staying in touch with an ex is not healthy for the mind and you will be able to move on a lot easier and faster without the likes of his social media profile popping up on your computer or mobile phone every 5 minutes.

    If he really did want to make the effort to get in touch with you again, he would. He ended the relationship, so the chances are that he probably won't want to, so you have nothing to worry about. Don't waste your emotions on a guy who has hurt you by feeling guilty, when he is the one who has hurt you.

    • Thank you so much for your answer! <3

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  • Well, I think it probably would stop him from contacting you in the future, as long as he respects you and wants the best for you. If if someone you cared about honestly asked you not to speak to them again, wouldn't you let them alone?
    I think you should seriously think about what you want. If you want to move on, then you should. If you meant what you said and how you said it, just leave it alone. If you feel guilty about yelling at him or getting so upset or saying something that you didn't actually mean, I would suggest talking to him about it and trying to clarify. He might get angry at you if things ended really badly that night, but at least you tried to make things right and preserve any potential for a friendship going forward. But if you really do care about him and just got angry enough to say things that you didn't mean, talk to him about what happened. It might be best for you to stay broken up, but speak with your heart and see where that can take you.
    Just one girl's opinion, but I hope I helped. (:

    • Thanks for your answer!!! I did say I'm sorry for saying all those things. I do have feelings for you and you did nothing wrong by not liking me and he said I like you but not that special like and then I said I understand. And that was it.

    • No prob! Now hopefully you two can be friends, as long as you're okay with that. If you decide it's just better for you to keep your space, that's fine, too.

  • I think it could either be that you don't like how u handled the situation and wanted to end on friendlier terms, but I think that's contributed to not being ready to let go. If you want, u can apologize for what you said, but I think what u said was fine.


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