How can I get back together with him? Advice on what to do? (please read)

so, my boyfriend of 3 months broke up with me about a month ago ON our 3 month anniversary and ON the phone, for the stupidest reasons ever... well, I didn't contact him AT ALL for a month bc I wanted to give him time to think, until today (when I decided to give him a call)... well I really truly do want him back, I've thought about it for awhile and I do think It would be worth it to salvage this relationship, anyways I called him and asked him how he was doing, and surprisingly he was very nice and calm about it, I told him how very well i was, how I'm doing really good, he started asking me questions and I asked how he's been and tbh he got very jealous after I told him I went out on a date with I boy I've been texting... but, after talking on the phone for half an hour he said he had to go and he wanted me call him again and that he'll talk to me later... idk, do you think I COULD get him back? do you think maybe he even WANTS me back?


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  • The only thing you can do is step up and ask him if he wants you back. (You didn't say who broke up with whom and we also don't know the "stupid reasons" YOU may consider them stupid but they mean something to him)
    So I am just generalizing due to lack of any information on the break up that if you broke up with him... dont go back and get rid of those feelings...
    if he broke up with you... its still the same thing but there's a chance at least.


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  • You don't try to get back with an ex you are just going to hurt yourself or in other words get hurt. I went back to my ex about 9 months ago and it only lasted for I'd say a month or two not very long. I realized that he just led me on and broke up with me right out of the blue. Looking I wish I had listened to my gut and just walked away when he said he loved me and gave me a hug but I couldn't help it. I blame myself, I never started off as friends with him which kind of messed us up I just went with it. A lot of times when an ex goes back to an ex it doesn't necessarily work out. Someone ends up getting hurt, usually when they take you back they don't really "love you" they love the "benefits" of being with you or having you in there life. Think twice before you decide that you want him back in your life. An ex is an ex for a reason. I left my ex in my past, its been 7 months since I have talked to him and still counting. I don't want to be friends with him, I don't want to be anything with him besides move on with my life and finish out high school with good grades. Just forget him and move on with your life, there are plenty more fish in the sea go out there and find them. Talk to other guys, date other guys, be with who makes you smile and makes your day and actually treats you right. You don't deserve him and he doesn't deserve you, MOVE ON. Life is to short to settle for less than what you deserve.

    • hey, I've already made my decision... you may have not of been friends with him at the start but him and I were, and it may have not worked out with you two but it could with others...

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    • It's different for everybody, some need to go there own ways with an ex some need to fall back together...

    • If you already made your decision, why did you ask it on here in the first place?

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