If Ex still has feelings why won't she talk to me and why does she still get upset with me?

My ex girlfriend and I broke up three months ago, we hadn't talked for five weeks. Since we broke up she has not settled anything with me such as exchanging things, grabbing her cat, changing her mail address. She did want money for the cat but never brought it up again and she did say that she was changing her mail about two months ago but she never did.

I reached out to her to get some info on the cat and to see if she was okay with her car insurance. She took a bit to respond but gave me the answer on the cat that i needed since he was being neutered. I was testing the waters a bit and said that if she needed help to let me know and that I was getting the cat fixed that week. She responded nicely to all of that and i even sent her a pic of our cat and dog. I then told her that she could keep using my Netflix. I woke up to a text from her asking why i was being so nice?

I responded back the next day saying it's because i care and she didn't say anything. That weekend i let her know how the cat's surgery went and she never responded so i asked if she still wanted to hear about her pets anymore.

She responded by saying that they are not hers. This pissed me off and i asked "seriously?" and she said i took them when we broke up. I told her she abandoned them because during that whole month of her coming by and grabbing small amounts of things at a time, she had every chance to grab the cat. I told her about 2 months ago that she should leave him here and thats when she asked for money for him. I had also told her during a fight 2 months ago that i dont think she's responsible enough to have the cat and dog since she was dumb and let her high roommate wreck her car. But that was me just being dumb and picking a fight then. i immediately apologized back then.

She then went on to say that our breakup is like a divorce and theyre the children. She also said were broken up and she doesn't want to fight and seeing me probably isn't a good idea.
Why wouldn't she want to see me and does she still have feelings?
She also is still mad about stuff i said around the breakup that she knows i apologized for, basically the stuff about our pets.


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