Ladies share your story with me?

Tell me about a guy that you were so in love with and was your world, that one ended it all for no good reason at all what did you do? How did you handle it? And how long did it take for someone much more into you as well as serious about you, to come into your life?


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  • I met my first love/ first bf in middle school. We never actually started off as friends although we did exchange numbers and then he said I was beautiful, sexy, etc and I asked him do you like me or something and he said yes and he said he liked me more than a friend. So we decided to tie the knot everything was going so smoothly he made me feel special in a way its hard to say, we went to a dance together and everything. And then summer 2013 hit and he started changing and changing out of nowhere I didn't know what to do. And then I found out on Facebook on his page that he cheated on me with another girl. I was mad and couldn't believe my eyes. We got into an arugement through texting and he said you can't assume stuff and I was like what do I have to assume when its right there in front of my face. I told him he needed to go to church and he told me to go to hell. So the first week of his freshman year and my sophomore year I talked to him and broke up with him. I told him I didn't know what else to do, I'm putting in all this work in our relationship and you are doing nothing in return. We didn't talk for 5 months until January 2014 he came back to me and said he loved me and gave me hug so I took him back wish I didn't huge mistake. It only lasted for about a month or two. And then I realized that he had just led me on he broke up with me out of the blue, I cried I couldn't hold it in, I tugged onto his arm and he just left. Our relationship from the started lasted for about 5 months. Its been 7 months since I've talked to him. It took me a while to realize that he wasn't right for me after all and that he didn't deserve me. I felt used, like he led me on and just left me. I don't want anything to do with him whatsoever. I want a real serous relationship, fully of commitment, and trust and honesty and love. I deserve to be treated with respect not like a doormat. I don't want just some boy I want a young men a real man that knows what he wants.

    • Yeah I agree its so hard to find a good one these days and where are they? They're with girls that treat them like shit while we good girls are stuck with the guys that just dnt Care enough to try and make us happy I'm going through the same thing except it took me 2 1/2 years to realize that he's only a boy that's in reality a grown ass man (23) I'm learning that its only a game to him. But it's my fault for giving him all of me when I knew he wasn't willing to do the same for me so its my fault I could've very well left him a long time ago but I saw him as a challenge and so as hard headed and stubborn as I am I took him on thinking I could be that one girl to being our the best in him little did I know that hed be just as stubborn and hard headed as me I told him to leave me alone cause I'm done trying with him that they're guys out there are begging to be with me and yet I'm wasting my time putting up with him the only way hell grow up and learn is by me laaving him

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    • Good idea I'm with you on that. Men only complicate things especially young ones! By the way I haven't texted him for 2 days working on #3!! :D

    • You should delete his number it makes life easier even I don't have my ex's number deleted a long time ago.

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  • Well, we met at prom this past april. we were both guests because we had friends at this school and both previously went to that school. he's 20 and im 17 (well i was 16 when we met). that night we hung out for 7 hours, until 5 in the morning. our chemistry was incredible and my friends were the ones to point it out. usually im very shy and quiet especially around new people but with him i was my 100% real self. we became pretty close and i was falling hard for him.

    we were like two peas in a pod. well he had a falling out with his step dad and ended moving 2.5 hours away so our relationship went to cell phone communication. we would talk all the time and things were just as great as before, apart from not seeing each other.

    he ended up getting a girlfriend up where he lived but he said that he told her about me. he also said that he didn't move forward with a relationship with me because i was only 17 and didn't want to deal with the high school drama. i thought that was stupid but looked past it. he still said he was attracted to me and really liked me.

    anyway, things ended up just falling apart. the last "conversation" we had was terrible. he was finally able to come down to where i live and when he told me he was there i was still in school so we just talked the rest of the morning. then i asked if he wanted to get together and he completely ignored me. so i texted him a few days later asking why he flat out ignored me when i asked him if he wanted to hang out TWICE and he said ":) because im a tease"

    i told him how pissed off i was and he apologized and said he didn't want to leave till 5 but his roommate (who wasn't brought up until then) wanted to leave at noon. so then the next week (sept. 26) i texted him before work asking what his intentions were with me and he never responded so that was the end of that.

    im still trying to get over it, and its hard but he is an asshole so im trying to move on

    sorry that was really long haha

    • Distract yourself and hang out with your friends and cut off all communication with him and act like he doesn't exist.

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    • @AnayaWilliams yeah i try to and i dont try to talk to him either

      @Asker i do still really like him but i know it isn't worth it because of the pain and sadness i went through during that time. im working on it though :)

    • Good don't talk to him. Its cool my story was long too

  • I was so in love with my ex Isaac, when I first met him I thought he was ugly & ghetto I even hooked him up with my cousin... then 4yrs later I met him again we became really good friends it was the first time in my life someone ever touched my soul? If that makes sense he made me feelwhole & we had this mutual effect on each other like everything felt peaceful... its the only time in my life I've ever felt loved & like someone saw me the real me... anyways he was the needy one always wanting affection & when I'd show it or reciprocate the feeling he'd get all lovey dovey & then pull back then introduced me to his family & all his friends , helped me get clean off some pretty heavy drugs but couldn't stay clean himself & eventually chose heroin over me & over reality in general :/ he was the mostbbeautiful person I ever met & I've only had feelings for one person since I don't know he loved me at first? We had one misunderstanding & everything is different... I guess you only get one person in a lifetime who gives a fuck

  • well, i wouldn't call it love. more like a massive crush. he was so good. good as in... pure-hearted and loyal. steadfast. back then, even now, i feel like i'm all over the place. but he was/is the type of person who just -is-. no inconsistencies. i guess i admired that a lot. also, he thought i was funny, which was a total ego boost :) man this story sucks. there wasn't even a story. it didn't go anywhere. FAIL.

  • I'm going through this right now. He was the absolute love of my life. I've never loved another human being the way I loved him. I never felt so connected to another person before. He was the best part of my life and he decided to be with someone else. I'm literally destroyed by this and I have no idea how to move on. He still contacts me and tells me his misses me which makes me hopeful that maybe he'll realize he made a huge mistake but I don't think that will ever happen so I'm trying to move on but I don't want to and I don't even know how. I want to be with him so badly :(

    • Stop. You think if he truly missed you that he would've left u in the first place? For another girl at that? He's only doing this so that he keeps his option OPEN in other words if she doesn't work out then guess who he's running back to, you! Cause he knows how much you love him and care for him and they way that he goes about that is by using that to his advantage. Do not let him come back and when he text or call do not respond it's not to teach him a lesson or punish him but to help you move on he's not loyal or faithful 10 years from now you think you'd be happy putting up with someone who's like that? I dnt know about you but I couldn't even imagine doing so. I read somewhere that if someone shows you who they are BELIEVE them. It's a simple quote but it means so much more take your guy for example you loved him so much he was your work qnd you thought you were the same to him as well that is until he dropped you for someone else! He has shown you a number of bad qualities by

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    • yay! we can do it :) thank you so much

    • Your welcome! I'm on day #5 what about you?

  • I never met a guy like that yet

    • Must be nice hope you're you never have to because it's def s heart breaking experience

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    • When you do meet a guy make sure you get to know him as a friend first trust me it will save you a lot of heartbreak down the road just take it slow and talk to him first. You'll meet someone someday just make sure he treats you right and loves you and appreciates you and values you at the fullest. Don't let him bribe you with sweet words but be afraid to show actions.

    • That's a BIG mistake I made with my 3yr relationship that just ended in the beg we aredidnt start off as friends we started off pretty much as a relationship but I didn't feel that it was wrong because every single felt do good for once it felt like I was talking to the right guy I connected with him install and unconsciously it poop into my head one day while we were talk y hat he was going to be my husband some day that had never happened to me before so I knew he had to be it... I definitely agree ree with you on that and it's a big lesson that I am learning

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