Why would an ex be mad at you for not talking to them or being their friend even though they dumped you?

Me and my bf of 2 1/2 years broke up 2 months ago. He showed signs of wanting to get back together a week after we broke up when we saw each other a couple days later he text me hey multiple days in a row and then said he was really hoping to talk more. I answered a week later and he said it was about being friends or not (I told him multiple times that we couldn't be friends after a break up). He already got with another girl a couple days after we broke up. Now he's been avoiding me and trying to tell my friend it's no big deal were not talking?


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  • you don't like that he was talking to you, but now you don't like that he isn't? he is just doing what you told him to do and not being friends.

    • No he's mad at me cuz I Dnt think we should be friends cuz it will lead the other person on, which he already did

    • well you can't do anything about him. if you don't want to be friends with him, don't be friends.

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