Went out with a store manager while I was a cashier. didn't work out?

so i dated this guy, he is divorced (in the process of) and my direct superior. before i get any answers of 'you get what you ask for', i would like to state i want mature answers and yeah we all make mistakes. but while we dated, he kept it secret. i'm not sure what's more hurtful. Is it more hurtful he kept our relationship secret and didn't update his status? Or is it more hurtful he was seeing another girl while he was seeing me. long story short, I quit the job. his friends seemed nice pitying me like an ugly abandoned pup. I sometimes wonder if karma ever will pay his ass a visit because he would talk about me behind my back and almost got me fired at my job. How exactly would you get over this situation? I felt humiliated, ashamed, hurt and angered.
sighs. how do u remove this question?


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  • For Karma to work, you must forgive and let nature run its course.

    Him talking behind your back and he being in an affair while married at the same time, he was dating an employee makes for a busy boy.

    If his talking about you is affecting your work with your new employer, you can file a complaint about him with the regulating employment agency and he will go on point. If he has dated another employee, then the wind has just been knocked out of his sails and he will be packing his panties to look for another job.

    • thank you I have been praying more often and going to the gym to help cope. I was really heart broken and fell for the wrong person obviously, but when you're in love you can't see clearly

      I feel bad, bt when we went out he phrased it as 'separated for a long time'; it should have been "I'm not dateable" for long term.

      I did file a complaint when I left, it seems he's well protected at that job and have done what I can. they've crossed a few legal borders due to the fact they want to protect him more than me- I'm just a cashier and not human apparently to them.

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  • So you dated a married man that was your boss, he kept it quiet (there's laws against employees dating in many places), he also dated someone else at the same time, and , he talked about you behind your back.


    Well that's a pretty unfortunate situation I'm sure. I'm not sure how to warrant a mature response here, the entire situation seems highly immature down to the part of wanting karma to pay him back, while having faults of your own.

    • well I should have saved it for a professional but its hard for empathy or connection with people these days. im not expecting sympathy either but I've been suicidal about how i was treated. a bunch of people mocking me so i dont really need your condescending response. i now he 's a jerk, i know he liked me just to get in my pants and never got any, i know i was lead on. i was niave. so im trying to heal and move on. i was only hoping someone out there had similar experiences so i don't have to feel like shit. im not a skank or a ho or what you're gonna secretly judge me on, this guys at fault major on this one and i need help. but i guess i asked on the wrong site.

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