I don't understand... I just need advice?

(the night before what i'm about to tell you we went to a formal... had the best time he really loved it.)
So anyway he texts me at 2 saying if I wanted to hang around 11? I said yes. later at 8 he said his friends and him were gonna hit the gym up.. he never goes to the gym.
so around 11 he texts saying "it's ok if we can't hangout tonight?" um k/ he said "there's other things going on tonight" (this is Sunday at 11) i said thanks 4 showing how important i am 2 u I'm done... he calls i don't answer but he leaves a voicemail and does' know he left it... I heard him say 40% of him wants me and 60% doesn't.. and he was playing FIFA with guys... i said the thing is you promised 2 hang with me tho and told him what I heard... He said sorry didn't mean to come out that way we r different and timing is bad, etc. and he says "us" is stressing him out and what's what best for me isn't him... and i was like you have no idea who i am but thank you for showing me who u r and he said who am i? I just ended it with goodnight and he says ok... anyway he tweets later that night "How does something like that even happen? that's like from a bad movie"
I don't know what that means or what it's about but yea I don't understand how we end up with a great night to this
and how he misses me and he gets jealous of any guy near me to in one night his feelings change...

I just need advice


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  • Oh i think he has another love


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